My name is Wendy Obstler. I am the founder of Divine Spark Yoga, a certified yoga therapist and the lead teacher for and Ambassador of Strong Yoga® 4Fertility (created by my teacher, Brenda Strong). I have been teaching yoga for fertility since 2005 and I am inspired to co-create a space for women to come together and be supported on their fertility journey.

My intention for this blog site is to develop a place where women can visit for inspiration, support, resources and most importantly, hope. In fact, when I thought about putting this together, one phrase kept popping up in my head: “Circumference of Hope.”  The word ‘circumference’ because this journey is shared by a sacred circle [of women]. Also, because feminine energy is usually represented by a circle or spiral, and the moon… And finally, the word ‘hope’  — for pretty obviously reasons. Women on this journey very often move from cycle to cycle on what feels like a rocky, jolting rollercoaster. They have all kinds of information and opinions coming at them; they are having to make sometimes hard decisions; emotions are heightened and stress is rampant. Hope can feel fleeting, at best.

Webster’s defines hope as ‘a wish or desire accompanied by expectation of its fulfillment.’

I think of the word hope as holding an open space in your heart for that which you desire, even if you do not know how it will come about or what exactly it will look like when it does; being open to the unknown and open to possibility.

So, my hope: That this fertility support site is a virutal space that nurtures and grows hope, connecting women from all over the globe in a way they do not ever feel alone along this path. Hope that is circumferential. As a circle is endless and is constant… May this be a space of constant Hope.

I welcome your thoughts, questions, energy and contributions.

Peace + Love.

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